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Who Cares!?

Who Cares!? My first sales training included role playing with this phrase as a focus.  Effectiveness in getting customers to recognize that your solution is something they need to care about, is still a primary challenge for sales people and … Continue reading

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Welcome to Sales Leadership – The Valley View

Welcome to my world.

This blog is about sales leadership from a vantage point inside the technology industry. It is about finding or inventing ways to overcome challenges to growing revenues in the tech world. It is derived from my experience and insights in leading sales teams. It incorporates the wisdom of my colleagues who have faced these same challenges. It is about B2B selling in Silicon Valley.

“Sales Leadership – The Valley View” will strive to provide you with a Silicon Valley perspective on effective sales leadership.

The ever changing, demanding technology industry requires sales leadership that knows more than how to build a sales team or motivate salespeople. It is about constantly adapting to sales issues created by technology innovation, exponential rates of change, and global competition. It is about designing processes, recruiting and motivating talent, and scaling sales practices while in a constant state of market change.

Those who succeed as sales leaders here know how to plan, create, implement and adapt while also able to “control” the elements for meeting/exceeding ambitious venture capital influenced revenue goals. While racing to meld the various elements of sales, customer, and company requirements at what appears sometimes to be steroid enhanced speeds, the best Silicon Valley sales leaders manage to deliver results. Is it any wonder we marvel at Lance Armstrong’s performance results?

How do we become effective sales leaders in “The Valley”?

The answers are not written in stone. No, that’s too permanent. The “Valley View” is of sales leaders who combine experience, expertise with the skills of sales, intuition, superb interpersonal skills, and continuous learning- coupled with a big measure of daring, to be declared great sales leaders.  The rewards of success may forever change one’s life.  Failure however, is not an option.

For most, effective sales leadership abilities are not something they are born with. They are an acquired form of people, process, personality, and performance synthesis.

Join me in these discussions so that together we can share and find the answers to sales leadership effectiveness.  I will be your guide in exploring “Sales Leadership – The Valley View” – but, it is through your participation in the dialogue that will allow all of us to learn and grow.

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