The Ultimate Buying Decision Criteria

When selling to a customer, what is the most important criteria they will use to make the decision to buy from you? Price, delivery, support, features…which one?

The ultimate decision criteria is TRUST.

The buyer will make a decision to buy because he trusts that your product or service will provide him with the value he is expecting. The personification of the trust in the buying decision is the salesperson that represents your company.

Today’s buyer doesn’t need to trust your salesperson. Instead, he wants to validate that his/her perception of your company, its products/services, and management are worthy of his trust. He has already researched you and possibly engaged with you through other channels. Now, he wants to know whether he can trust you to deliver on your value statement – by meeting your people.

The salesperson is the last vital human link in the customer engagement chain. Does s/he understand the buyers business? Can s/he demonstrate knowledge of how your product/service will deliver value to this buyer? Will s/he ensure that your buyer acquires what he expects at the price and service level needed? Will this salesperson be viewed as a trusted ally in helping the buyer meet their business objectives?

The salesperson must embody all these trust elements to secure an affirmative buying decision. This human link in the chain of trust however, is only as strong as all the other links previously represented to the buyer. How strong are the bonds of trust within your company and with your customers, partners, and suppliers?

Arm your salesperson to succeed by ensuring that this buyer will have their trust in you validated.    Trust throughout the customer engagement cycle will result in a YES buying decision.  All organizations in your company must be involved and aligned around establishing this trust with the buyer so a salesperson can effectively apply their interpersonal skills, to close the deal.

About Marty Levy

Marty is a veteran Silicon Valley sales executive. With more than 20 years of experience in sales and sales leadership roles in the semiconductor, PC, software, and enterprise cloud application arenas, Marty is recognized for his thought leadership in sales strategy development and sales performance management in the technology industry. His expertise is with hybrid sales teams and channel development. As a Vice President of Sales he has led teams through an IPO, implemented a successful divisional turn-around, and established global major account relationships. He has managed global sales teams in two public companies and created and managed go-to-market strategies leading to adoption of a variety of leading edge technologies. Marty has deep knowledge of the OEM and enterprise B2B sales process for vertical markets and applications. Marty's passion for the sales profession is demonstrated in his work as Chairman of the Sales Leadership Council within ExecWorld, where he also serves as a Board member.
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